CIFS/SMB support for Windows and linux (via Samba)

Simon Crosland 13 years ago updated by rbretongmz 5 years ago 10 1 duplicate
Alongside the excellent Dropbox, SFTP and WebDAV support, it would be excellent to have a CIFS/SMB client built in so that we could directly connect to shared folders on Windows servers, and Samba shares on linux servers.

It might be possible to use the open source smbclient from the Samba guys as the basis of the implementation.
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Samba seems to be licensed under the GPL. This doesn't allow me to use it in an iOS app. I'm not aware of another SMB implementation under a BSD or similar license.
Actually, I just saw the other SMB request and corresponding reply, which gives a good reason why this cannot be done. thanks.
FileBrowser has extensive SMB support, but I can't find any information on what library it's using (or if they've rolled their own).
File Navigator (or at least the lite version) uses Tango, a lightweight free library that I think only requires you to display a copy of the licenc (https://github.com/38leinaD/tango)
It looks interesting, but judging by the Readme, it probably won't support many real life configurations - i.e. modern authentication methods. Also, the last library change was a year ago.
FileNavigator, using tango, works with the file servers at my school. I managed to establish a connection to the file server and download a few files to my iPad. FileNavigator however did not have an upload feature (or at least one that I could find), so I don't know if that works.
Any luck with CIFS/SMB library?  This is a common feature with many apps now. 

Two years later, still can't be done

There are multiple apps that properly support SMB, for example Documents by Readdle or GoodReader. It would be really useful to directly edit text files on my Raspberry Pi.

Yes, CIFS/SMB support (like Documents) will be marvellous!