Work on remote files, consistent functions

Uli Bulli 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 2

it would be wonderful to work direct on remote files. one thing that confused me first where the inconsistent functions of buttons depending if the files are located on the server or local.

the little pencil button lets you change name on server. local you could change name, copy the file or get a preview.

why not put all the functions to the button wether on server or not?
it would also be nice to delete a file by this button. now you have to mark the file and then select delete at the bottom.
its a great option to manage multiple files at a time but it would also be nice to delete single files by the stencil button.


there are not all functions in the remote view when you tap on the pencil button because I haven't implemented those commands for remote connections yet. I might add them in the future.

I'll consider adding a delete command to the pencil button to delete a file.
thanks for the fast answer!