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Show Hidden Files Toggle for SFTP Connection

Studded 13 years ago updated by Matt Doyle 9 years ago 4
FTP and FTPS connections have an option to Hide/Show hidden files. Would love this to be implemented for SFTP(SSH) connections as well. 

UNIX systems that I use SFTP/SSH with denote a hidden file simply with a . at the start of the filename ( .bash_profile, .ssh, .svn, etc. ).

Would love to hide these files (and almost more importantly, ignore them when downloading a directory containing them). Be sure to make this a toggle though, as I occasionally do want to edit these hidden files.
I would like this as well
Usually, SFTP servers already send all hidden files and they are displayed in Textastic. Are you sure they are not displayed?

For FTP, there is a connection setting that you can enable to show hidden files.
I also would like the option to hide hidden files when browsing an SFTP connection. The hidden files really clutter up the directory when browsing my Mac's home folder. Surprised this isn't already an option TBH.