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Jan Rychter 13 years ago updated by TBolt 7 years ago 13
Instead of supporting git directly, implement support for Github (using their APIs). Most of us host our code on Github anyway.

Being able to browse my repositories and read code stored there would help a lot.
Also throw in Bitbucket support. They allow unlimited free private repos. Also, they use git, mercurial, and svn, so they might be a better place to start with support instead of github.
I'd really like to see this too, there's a huge lack of support for GitHub on iOS, baking some sort of GitHub and/or SVN commit features would really be awesome, but I know that as simple as it sounds - making it happen for iOS and Textastic specifically will be quite a challenge for the developer.

If GitHub support is considered, I'd be willing to pay a premium for it, like an in-app purchase, so keep that in mind in case you want to add targeted features like that but not have to raise your whole app price.
Oops, this topic is a duplicate, it's covered already by http://feedback.textasticapp.com/topic/7628-support-for-version-control-systems-svn-git-etc/

Not a duplicate. This proposes a solution to overcoming the limitations of the Apple license requirements. Since with iPad apps, everything has to be a single binary, using the Github and perhaps Bitbucket (do they have an API?) APIs, you would be able to perform VCS functions without needing to have a full VCS application built into Textastic.

Hands up for this! If it will be easier and faster to use github API instead of fully-operational git inside, I'd prefer github. In fact, the only abilities needed from git for me at iPad is to commit, change/create branch and push to github, I think. All other stuff is not so important. Because if you are in long-long travel, you may want to commit or (rarely) put something in a separate branch[es] (named 'warning-done-that-on-ipad' :) ) and commit there, and then push when you have Wi-Fi. Issues, [smart] merging are easy-doable on PC/Laptop when you arrive home or to a hotel Internet service :).


I agree - Github support would be extremely nice....


GitHub would be a major (as in seriously major) benefit! All our code goes to GitHub now so it would be invaluable

Supporting github is necessary. Most of the code I access is there.

no support for github? ohhh, it's a great problem for programmers :(((
Any news about that topic ? I mean there are some HTML5 libraries that basically supports git (I mean git support in the browser itself!!). Is that possible to get a clear answer from Alex about the future (rel. to this topic)? 
This would be super useful! +1

Is it possible to get Github support now in iOS 10?

Edit: nevermind, just watched this: