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diff support / file comparison / compare two files

Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago updated by Destin8 2 years ago 9 1 duplicate
Add the ability to diff with another file.
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Thanks for adding this as a feature request!
Having something like that would be great. I tend to forget which files I worked on last and that would help.

One thing that would be really cool would be something like Unison for syncing files. I use that to sync files between my central server and my various computers. The Unison website is http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/

Finally, thank you for an excellent app. I use it all the time and especially love the sftp part.
Is there a planned time frame for this feature?  This library only supports plain text, but is Apache Licensed (vs GPL for Unison, as suggested by other commenter) and should be easier to integrate than version control libraries (eg SVN or Git).

For Windows, there is a commercial application called BeyondCompare and an open source application called WinMerge. Both applications show two files side by side along with their line numbers. It's possible to select blocks of code from either window and move it to the opposite window and save the two files separately after completing changes. The general operation of the programs is simple and intuitive. I mention this only from the standpoint of using the general concept as a possible solution. However, a standalone application with the same functionality is also possible. For example, if Textastic supported optional ad-on modules, such a module could be offered as an upgrade.

What I'm trying to do is upload file from cabin management system on aircraft I'm working, and compare it for errors against a good operational file, code to code...

I would *love* to see a side by side diff tool on my iPad pro. I need to do one right now and am not finding a good app to do that with. Have to compare production with proposed production from another developer.


Came here purely to see if the iOS app is able to compare two files. Couldn’t find anything saying it can now, so please add me to the list of people that would like it. Thank you!