Paste not working after simple copy

KPinVA 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 8
Example: I'll select a few words or just a tag, copy, then hold for the paste option and no menu appears.
The menu appears when you either (slowly) tap two times at the same location or when you do a (quick) double tap somewhere in the text.

It also appears when you tap and hold to bring up the loupe and then release the finger from the screen.

This is more or less the standard behaviour on iOS.
I know, i get the loupe, but no paste menu.
That shouldn't happen – maybe it's just a glitch. Did you try to restart the app and see if it works then?

(You have to press the home button to suspend the app, double-press the home button to bring up the list of recently used apps, hold your finger on the Textastic icon and tap on the red "minus" sign to quit the app – or just do a full restart of the iPad)

If that doesn't help: can you maybe post a video so I can try to reproduce the problem?
Sorry, it pastes using a double tap, but not after a hold (after loupe). My other apps paste after the hold-loupe, just used to doing that way. No worries.
Ok, so I am revisiting this. When I first started using the program, I could tap-hold in an empty line. Let go, and then I get the menu to paste. Not any more. I do get the menu if I quick dbl-tap, but that doesnt work on an empty line.
Did you try to restart the app or the iPad and see if this helps (as described in my other comment)?

Does it happen with a particular file?
Deleted app, reinstalled, works fine - paste menu pops up after loupe releases. Glitch I guess?
Interesting. Right now I don't have an explanation for this behaviour, sorry.