What's new in Textastic 4.3?

Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago in General 0

  • new font choice: Source Code Pro
  • added Inconsolata bold font variant
  • updated network libraries to latest versions (libcurl, libssh2, OpenSSL)
  • updated to latest Dropbox SDK
  • updated to latest TextExpander SDK


  • Dropbox: fixed errors when downloading many small files simultaneously
  • fixed an issue when trying to link to a Dropbox account without having the Dropbox app installed
  • fixed a crash when editing regular expressions in Perl files
  • fixed a bug when creating a zip file with lots of files
  • fixed "Failed initialization" error when connecting to certain SFTP servers
  • regular expression search: ^ matched every character instead of the beginning of every line
  • FTPS: SSL certificates were not validated properly
  • fixed an issue that would prevent overriding files on Bitvise SSH servers
  • search: the find field was always cleared when opening another file
  • fixed an issue when entering accented characters with an external keyboard
  • fixed an issue when cursoring above the first line with an external keyboard
  • fixed issues with "Open In" changing the file extension on iOS 6
  • fixed an issue when using "Open In" to open a binary files in Textastic when the password lock screen was shown
  • fixed rare drawing issues when inserting text longer than one line
  • fixed a problem when pasting text with Windows line endings (CRLF)
  • (S)FTP: improved detection of symbolic links
  • improved VoiceOver support
  • improved naming of newly created zip files
  • fixed truncated text in settings and other screens on iOS 6

Version 4.3