Support for reStructuredText

Azumafuji 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 4
I'd like to get support for restructured text so I can work on all parts of my python projects including the documentation.


RST is also important for my work and it would be great to have it supported in iOS version of the app

Under review
You can add custom syntax definitions to Textastic by using TextMate bundles. See

A quick search for "rst tmbundle" in Google brought up this TextMate bundle which should work:



Thank you, Alexander!

I already found the same solution, you suggested in similar post from another user. Sorry, I was going to update this post saying that I found a solution, but I switched to another task and forgot... Never the less, this approach works for me and now I can use Textastic on both iPad and iPhone and it covers my needs for 100%.

Awesome, that's great to hear!