Select control moves back one character

fredramsey 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 2
Bug: when you hit the select control, the start of the selection moves back one character. It should start where you have the cursor.

I think you are refering to the buttons in the middle of the cursor navigation wheel, right?

You use those two buttons to select which end of the selection you want to change. If none of those buttons is selected, you only have a cursor. If the first button is active you change the beginning of a selection. If the second button is active you change the end of the selection. If one of the middle buttons is active and you tap on it, you remove this selection handle.

So, if you tap on the first button with no active selection but just a cursor, you actually add a new selection start, that's why it moves back one character (if you are at the end of a word, it actually selects the whole last word).

If you tap the second button instead, it will select the next word – I think this is what you expected.

To sum it up: just press the second button :)