Automatically balance brace and brackets

Matthew Cheok 9 years ago updated by Edwin Dalorzo 3 years ago 17 3 duplicates
Highlight unbalanced braces and brackets or automatically insert and indent closing brace or bracket.

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Alternatively, a way to highlight the matching brace when one of the pair is selected
Yeah, do that! It's much better. It will be like Xcode.
Seconded! Highlighting brace pairs would also be a great feature.

On top of that, being able to collapse a brace-bounded region (or #region...#endregion tags in C#) would be nice, since we're on the subject :) May need to be a separate feature request.
Looks like there's enough that can be done in the next few years :)

I'm currently considering writing a new, advanced syntax highlighter that would allow me to do stuff like that.
That would be great!  I just bought Textastic to use with Scheme, which is a language *full* of parentheses.  Paren match highlighting is the only thing I've found missing in Textastic so far.
This would be cool 8)
Language-specific code format clean-up would be a fantastic feature. Curly-brace languages could line up brace pairs, HTML tags could get lined up, and code between the braces/tags could get indented to the same level.
I use #region/#endregion extensively when working in C#. It'd be great to fold these at will, or even have a way of quickly navigating to #region labels.
Oui, des touches additionnelles enveloppantes pour écrire du Markdown…

Bref, pouvoir sélectionner un mot puis cliquer sur la touche additionnelle et entourner ce mot en une seule opération… Comme *mot* !

Du coup ajouter aussi ** 

Nb : Daedalus touch fait cela superbement bien…

I would lova a feature that would automatically balance brackets. Pair highlighting sounds like a great feature too but for my purposes bracket completion would be incredibly helpful!!


The highlight would be sufficient most of the time, but I also like the automation.

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This should be easy enough to add, and ease the input process, which is always difficult in mobile. 

It'd be cool to auto-close / highlight HTML tags as well.

Absolutely necessary feature, one that I miss a lot particularly when I write code in any language of the lisp family. It is hard to keep track of closing parenthesis just by visually counting them