Add OpenAI Integration

Lars 4 months ago in General updated by It’s Me 1 month ago 5

Please add option to use ChatGPT in codeing for code advise, code review and coding help directly in code. 

By adding our own OpenAI key to Textastic. 

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Considering how limited ChatGPT already is regarding character count, just use ChatGPT’s app or website…. you’ll save yourself a lot more headache than having it integrated into the app for no reason.


From where came “for no reason”. OpenAI can bring automation to Textastic that it does not have. Many advanced features in IDEs are obsolete by now because OpenAI does better work. 

So you might say that having integrated OpenAI has a lot of reasons. Only dinosaurs do not know they are extinct. Clinging to yesterday's has-been paradigms is not healthful. 

Sorry, I've used it all and just using the app/website has been the most helpful for me. There are a lot more prominent focuses I'd like to see Textastic accomplish first :)


This would be non trivial to integrate in the manner that VS Code and others have done, and not everyone wants to use the gen AI trash so many are worshipping now. I actively avoid using products with AI integration. Just switch to your ChatGPT app or website to get your plagiarized junk.

I was almost certain I typed what you said in the past so I was confused to see something I would say in my email addressed to me. Yep, you're right. In fact, GPT isn't the only useless integration - updates need to COMPLETE an app, not turn it into something it's not while contributing to the DEMISE of its completion. We don't need to waste time on things that accomplish nothing since they are already accomplished without being added to our app.