Use a-Shell app as an external debug console

Freemen Muaddib 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 0

You should collaborate with a-Shell app to use it as an external debug console.

a-Shell is an amazing environment that simulates the same shell of the Mac(Darwin) on iPad / iPhone and let the user run and debug all interpreted languages (because Apple forbids apps to compile binaries). But for javascript, wasm, Python, etc. a-Shell behaves exactly like a shell, running code in Javascript, wasm, Nodejs, Python, etc and debug it. But a-Shell lacks a visual text editor, and Textastic could be its perfect companion. 

It just need the following features:

- a button to immediately run/debug a python script in a-Shell (a-Shell allows to select and unlock writing/reading permissions on any iCloud Drive or iPad folder), opening a-Shell and running a dynamically generated bash script to run the python code with arguments.

- specify multiple launch properties when debugging/running the code, generating a bash script to open in the source file folder with a-Shell (for example first clean the file with Black, then run it with the parameters specified in the launch properties config). Multiple launch configurations should be stored for each file.

- Using the bash script passed to a-Shell, give the option to save the console error output in a error.log file with a date that can be opened or kept open by Textastic.

- On iPad there should be the amazing option to run a-Shell window and the Textastic window side by side! Coding and instantly see the script running!

Please, consider this!