Four needed features

Doug Dyer 1 year ago 0

Feature suggestions for Textastic
Thank you for a GREAT APP! For many of us the ability to use our tablets for coding is very important. It almost can't be done on Apple devices without using TEXTASTIC! (Which works seamlessly with WorkingCopy). The following is just a suggestion for upcoming added features...not sure where else to send it?
1. I would very much like to see a quick access button that lets you turn on and off 'read only mode'. This option currently exists but is not readily available. This needs to be a button you can tap that is visible on screen while in program code edit mode, and be available for each screen opened on a iPad Pro while using split screen. This would facilitate using one code window for one version of a program or for seeing a function in one section of the program so it can be compared to the same program code perhaps in a different section of the code, to allow editing of the part you are working on but not allowing inadvertent changes to be made to the code in the other panel which could happen while coding in the wee hours of the night, falling asleep at the wheel and inadvertently touching the side of the screen you don't want to make changes to. Believe me this happens, and finding an inadvertent 'addition' like a ; that stops the program running in its tracks, etc can be very difficult!
2. A way of marking functions in the labels/symbols list so you can easily jump back and forth between sections of your code. In a long program, the symbols list can be quite lengthy making it hard or time consuming to say find a function at the bottom of the code to compare to a function at the top of the code. If these function labels could be 'pinned,' one after the other in a separate section at the top of the list, it would facilitate quick access to different sections of the code, while making changes or comparing the different sections of the code. (Invaluable for trouble shooting!)
3. Highlighting closing brackets that are connected to one another. For example in Java Script, with many brackets, keeping track of which brackets belong to what can be very difficult and time consuming. I would also suggest automatic labelling of the closing bracket with a comment that reflects the 'name' of the function or IF statement the bracket is associated with. Along the same lines being able to highlight in colour an entire function would be very helpful in keeping straight what function you are working in after the code gets so long you can't easily see the start of the function without scrolling to it.
4. A trace route capability to trace the path of the code as each line executes to facilitate trouble shooting.
Thanks again for a great app and all the effort you put into it. Textastic makes writing code on an iPad Pro or even a less featured iPad possible. Who needs a desktop anymore!!
Doug Dyer