Text files in iCloud created on one iOS device will be grayed out on another linked iOS device

retrokaiju 2 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 4

I have Textastic on my iPhone and my iPad. Between the two of them I have an iCloud folder that syncs files. When I create a text file on one of these devices, it will not open on the other device without a little work. Chose general category as this isn't inherently an iPhone or iPad issue. The files have the following properties:

Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)

Line Endings: Unix (LF)

Syntax: Markdown

Below is flow of screenshots that show the issue with the Based Anarky.txt (it's a batman thing) file that originated on my iPad and I am trying to open it on my iPhone:

1. Click on greyed out file.

2. Receive error

3. Long press on file and click open as text file

4. Click open

5. Receive error, file contents not showing

6. Check file list to see file is no longer greyed out, click on file

7. File opens properly

Image 469

Image 470Image 471Image 472Image 474

Image 476

Image 477

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I can reproduce the issue. I'm pretty sure this used to work in earlier versions of iOS. I'll try to find out what's going on.

Thanks for letting me know!


As a workaround, you can navigate to the folder in the Files app. This seems to trigger a download.

That is a lovely workaround, thanks for sharing!


In Textastic 9.7.2, files in an iCloud Drive folder added as an external folder should now be automatically downloaded.

This used to work before, but it looks like there was a change in iOS 14.x that broke this.