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MDNS support for local network name resolution

Stephane 4 years ago in General updated 4 years ago 2

First off great app, thank you for making it.

On my local network, I use mDNS to identify the machines so I don’t have to remember the IP addresses.

mDNS name resolution doesn’t seem to be supported (for ssh connections at least) in Textastic and it would be a convenient addition

Under review

Can you point me to some documentation or article on how I can configure this on my own network so I can try to reproduce this problem?

Is mDNS related to Apple's Bonjour?

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Apple's Bonjour is indeed a mDNS implementation. For example if I name my macbook "Stephane's mac" (computer name field in System Preferences -> Sharing), and I run a web server on this laptop, then I can access it with Safari from my iPhone / iPad at address Stephanes-mac.local (the System Preferences -> Sharing pane provides the exact form after converting non-alpha characters).

On linux, I think the most common way is to use Avahi : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/avahi.

I took another approach, based on systemd (but configuration involves settings in several config files, I am not sure the following link is complete) : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd-resolved