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Keyboard Shortcuts - [CMD]+[2é] does nothing on French AZERTY external keyboards

Maurice Zoliker 4 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 1

Dear Alexander,

I have found an issue with the Keyboard Shortcuts.

When I try to configure "Show Nth Tab" and press [CMD]+[1&], Textastic shows [CMD]+[&], which is good and works fine. Idem for [CMD]+[3"], showing [CMD]+["], which is good and works fine too.

But [CMD]+[2é] does nothing, making it impossible to access Tab number 2 with this natural shortcut.

For information, [CTRL]+[2é], [ALT]+[2é] and [SHIFT]+[2é] are doing nothing too.

Not sure whether this is an iOS or Textastic issue though.

I am using multiple AZERTY (French) external keyboards, and I can reproduce this issue with all those I have tried, so the keyboard itself does not seem to be the cause.

May I ask you to look into this?

Thanks a lot for all your valuable feedbacks.

Kind regards,

Maurice Zoliker

Under review

I can see the problem. I'll need to try if I can work around this issue on AZERTY keyboards. I'm not sure if iOS will accept Cmd-é as a valid keyboard shortcut (but it should).