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How does iCloud syncing work?

StayHungryStayFoolish 5 years ago in General updated 5 years ago 4

Hi Everyone, I’m new to Textastic. I love this so far. Everything just works flawlessly. Simple but powerful! And I just started using it to work on my first personal website. 

I appreciate the ability of iCould syncing since I have been purchasing some storage on iCloud Drive. But I want to clarify how does the syncing actually work. Let’s say I have opened up and working my HTML file on Textastic inside the iCloud folder. 

1. Does it create a temp copy that stays in my local file system so I could still work on it even if I loss the internet connection?

2. Is there any indicator or any way that I could know if it’s synced or not?

3. Once the internet connection is back on, does it automatically sync? Or if there is a way that I could handle this manually?  (In case I work on it offline but I don’t actually want to sync it)

Summarize my questions a little bit, I’m basically looking for a way to manage files in the way like Git does. So I could “pull” files from my iCould Drive, work on it offline. Then “Push” it to the iCould Drive whenever I want it to.

Thank you so much for reading this. And appreciate any help and advice.

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Files you edit are downloaded to your device so you can work on them offline. iCloud periodically uploads your changes when it has an internet connection and it does automatically sync when you go back online.

Thanks for the reply. If there is a better way manage a separate offline version, and overwrite the on iCould as I wish? Or you suggest me doing this on other remote connection?


iCloud pretty much does its magic in the background. For more control you should consider using other methods like the built-in SFTP client. Using it, you can manually download and upload files. See https://www.textasticapp.com/v8/manual/remote_servers/sftp_ftps_ftp.html

Since you seem to be familiar with Git, also have a look at the Git client app Working Copy - Textastic can open Git repositories from Working Copy as external folders: https://www.textasticapp.com/v8/manual/integration_other_apps/git_client_working_copy.html

Appreciate it! The Working Copy seem to be the perfect solution for me.