Not a bug

iOS13 external folders inaccessible

Ivan Korystin 5 years ago in General updated by raf | raf studio 10 months ago 4

After updating the OS on my iPad, I can no longer access external folders in Textastic.

Previously, I used TIG as a GIT client, Google Drive, and Documents by Readdle. All three are now inaccessible. Google Drive and Documents are listed, but unavailable, TIG disappeared from the list completely.

Not a bug

With iOS 13 Apple changed the way external folders work. File provider apps need to be updated to support folder picking. So currently, this works with iCloud Drive, "On my iPad/iPhone", Working Copy (Git) and Secure ShellFish (SFTP).

I recommend to use Working Copy for Git.

Would be great to once again allow google drive folder as external folder. Would this be possible soon? thanks

Support for opening folders trough the Files app is something Google would have to add to the Google Drive app's file provider extension.

hello Alex, that is fair enough. Hopefully they will change it in the future. thanks for the support