iOS 13: Unable to select a folder using “Open File or Folder”

George Bougakov 1 month ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 weeks ago 5

On iOS 13 you can no longer select external folders in the standard  UIDocumentPickerViewController

My proposed fix

1. Separate the “Open file or folder” button into an “Open file” button and “Open folder” button

2. Do not do anything with the “Open file” button. Everything works fine already.

3. When user taps “Open folder” button, present a document picker initialized with 

UIDocumentPickerViewController(documentTypes: [kUTTypeFolder as String],
                                   in: .open)

BTW, there’s actually a tutorial from Apple about providing access to directories here


Yes, this is planned for a future update.

I can not open folder now, is there any work around way to solve this problem now?

On iPad, you can still drag a folder from Working Copy into the side bar of Textastic to open it as explained in the manual at https://www.textasticapp.com/v8/manual/integration_other_apps/git_client_working_copy.html#use-drag-and-drop-on-ipad-to-open-a-repository

How long is it going to take for this future update to be released?


I hope to have this ready when iOS 13 gets released.