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Textastic folder does not sync in Windows 10

Adrian 5 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 3

I had no trouble reading from and saving to the Textastic folder (in iCloud) on my old Windows 10 laptop. But the same is not true for my new ThinkPad 580. Note - it has the latest updates to Windows 10 while my old laptop is a couple of updates behind.

In my new ThinkPad, the Textastic folder shows only one of several child folders, and inside that lone folder, shows no files at all. There are in fact nearly a hundred files, mainly html. It has been several weeks now, and there has been no improvement.

What could be causing this? Is there a fix?

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Hello, this sounds more like an iCloud problem than a problem of Textastic itself. I would try to disable and re-enable iCloud Drive on the Windows machine.


Fixed. I uninstalled then reinstalled iCloud for windows. All Textastic folders and files are now showing up. :)