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Add Shortcuts App into your App

gsward 6 years ago in General updated by Jason Cardwell 3 years ago 5

Many apps support Shortcuts in Apple’s Shortcut App (e.g. Working Copy). If you were to add the actions for New File, Append File, Upload/Download File, and SSH Command I could automate my entire build process through the Shortcut App in your App.


I'd like the ability to 

  1. initiate named shortcut(s) from the share sheet.
    two examples:
    1. pass the file name to another app, with some intermediate processing of my own. (e.g. a python or R file)
    2. pass the selected lines to another app, with some intermediate processing of my own (as above).  
  2.   This would allow me (and others) to use Textastic as a front-end to other apps. (R Analyst or Pythonista)

It also would be great if a shortcut could insert text at the cursor or replace selected text/lines in the current editor.



One thing I miss in Textastic is the powerful scriptability of TextMate on the Mac. Though I've had some limited success in writing shortcuts involving the clipboard contents, any support by Textastic devs would be much appreciated!

I've heard Apple Shortcuts will be making it over the Mac platform also, so it'll be great to have this across the board.

I have a shortcut that grabs the HTML from a webpage and displays it in quicklook. In the upper right I get a button to open in Textasatic. I just tried to bypass quicklook and send it straight to Textastic. No dice. Either I'm missing something or this would be an obvious and simple functionality to implement. 

Update: Nevermind, found the action I needed to make this happen. Cheers