Create new file from Files dialog

dame wang 5 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 3

I keep my files in Working Copy and open them in Textastic using the Files dialog. However, the file must be created first in Working Copy.

I’d like to see the ability to create the new file directly from Textastic. IA Writer has this implemented. When it opens up the Files dialog, there is a “+” before the “Select” in the header, and you can create a new file in Working Copy without having to to into Working Copy at all. It would save the extra step of opening Working Copy to create an empty file.

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you can add a Working Copy folder as an external folder to Textastic. Then you can use the "+" button in Textastic to add a new file to the folder without having to use the Open… dialog or Working Copy.

Please have a look at the manual to see how you can do this: https://www.textasticapp.com/v7/manual/integration_other_apps/git_client_working_copy.html

Ah, I see. My bad. I added all my repos and now I’m set.

Thanks for the quick reply.