Love the app. Have a few feature requests.

AndrewB 6 years ago in General 0

Would be great to have:

* a button that instantly create a new blank file w/ default name — so often I need to just type and edit a bit of text but don’t want to go through the file creation & naming process

* retain the web browser content when switching back to editing (I would like to maintain my Grafana session, for example)

* search across all files

* have a button to put up a list of all files that have been changed locally (allowing them to be selected/unselected), then upload them and execute a command in a remote terminal — i.e. “remote save & build”

* check for changes to remote file when editing a file (or at least when starting to edit it locally) and ask to re-download if remote version is newer

* warn when uploading a file that has been changed if the remote version has changed since it was downloaded

* it would be great if there was a “Select Identifier” in addition to “Select” and “Select All”.  In code you almost never want to Select All, and Select leaves you fiddling to expand the text selection

* the terminal window often doesn’t scroll all the way to the bottom, and often the bottom few lines end up covered by the extra keyboard ribbon (while using a physical keyboard)

This app makes for a surprisingly good remote development experience, and these requests are mostly to fine tune that.