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Distinguish opened files with same names

Jottess 6 years ago in General updated 6 years ago 2

First, congratulations for such an amazing program.

My idea is to be able to distinguish opened files with same names, from different folders/paths in same project or different projects.

Sublime 3 does this in the tab name, adding parent folder after filename, only if files from same project with same name are open.

Example: [home.php - controller] [home.php - template]

For two files named home.php in two folders like “site/controller” and “site/template”.

If files are from different projects, it changes the file tab name like:

[home.php - projectFolder1\...\controller] and [home.php - projectFolder2\...\controller]

first type would be great. The other one one would be a great bonus ;-)

Thank you very much!

Under review


this sound like a useful ideal - I guess it would only work on iPad because of the limited space on iPhone.

I did'nt think about iPhone, sorry. I'm in process to addopt my iPad as main device for working outside the office, and was looking for a program like Sublime. Textastic is great! Thank you again.