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Can’t Search/Replace quotation (“) marks!

drfonz 6 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 6

When doing a basic search for “” in order to replace with “0” no results are returned even though the CSV file in question is full of these! This is the only reason I purchased this app for, so I feel cheated of my £9,99!!

OK, user error. You can ignore this. File was using non-standard quotation marks!

Ok, I'm glad it works now for you.

I’m having trouble with search and replace and double quotes.  The file has regular (ASCII) double quotes.  Typing a double quote in the search and replace box yields the fancy unicode right-double-quote (two apostrophes) - which of course is never found.  I need some way to type ASCII in the search and replace box ... 

Cut and paste of a ["] works.  Typing a double quote on the keyboard yields [“] (but the right version, not the left/open version as shown here).

Yes, needing to copy and paste the correct style quote into the search box is getting to be a bit of a pain. The vast majority of the time I’m searching for vanilla single and double quotes in the search rather than smart or fancy quotes. Perhaps add a “Use smart quotes” option in the gear dialog for the search?