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Cannnot open file in new tab from filtering

Kyle Sherman 6 years ago in General updated 6 years ago 2

I have a file opened in a tab. Then, I filter through a different project and find a file I want to open.


The file I tap, opens in a new tab.


It opens in the same tab.

Therefore, the only way to open in a new tab is to not use filtering.

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Not a bug

This is not really related to the filtering. When you open a file from the list of files, it is opened in a transient tab, indicated by the italic title. When you then tap on another file, that file replaces the transient tab.

To make a tab stay when you open another file, tap on the file title or the pin button at the right side of the transient tab, or tap on the editor to bring up the keyboard.

This behavior is very similar to what you see in desktop editors such as Sublime Text, VS Code and Atom. It prevents you from opening too many tabs when browsing the files in a project. 

I see. Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t hit the pin button because that seemed like a much more permanent action to me. Good to know.