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Custom extensions from syntax themes and opening all extensions

Hans Schülein 6 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 1

There are quite a few suggestions already concerning this, but none 100% like this:

I installed a new syntax definition via the described process. It theoretically works, however I cannot open any file of that type, even though described in the .tmLanguage file. For this reason Kodex has a switch to open any extension, something Textastic is unable to do. This is really frustrating. I hope both those features (extension from language file, all extensions possible) get implemented. Otherwise custom language syntax is pretty useless.

Under review

I plan to make it so that you can open all files when using the "Open…" command (like in Kodex). 

The file registrations for open-in-place and opening files from share sheets in other apps are defined in the Info.plist file of an app. This is a static file included in the app bundle that cannot be edited at runtime, so it cannot be changed when adding custom syntax definitions.