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Feature Request: Choose Default Screen

joncom 6 years ago in General updated 6 years ago 2

I’m almost always editing the same files. So it would be a nicer experience if, when starting up the app, there was an option for it to default to “recent files” instead of “local files”.

To make matters slightly worse, all the files I edit are external, not local, so currently the app likes to show me an empty folder on startup, and then I have to navigate “up” and into “recent files”. Not a big deal, but I have to do it a lot!! Would just make the app more polished I think. 

Under review

For Textastic 7, I plan to add the ability to open multiple files in tabs.

Between launches, Textastic will remember which files are opened in tabs. This means, that you can keep your set of files open and you do not even need to select from recent files.

Would that already help you?

Yes, it would. My hope is that whatever files I was recently working on, would be a mere single tap away, should the app be relaunched due to memory purge.