Editing files in iCloud drive

bill obermeyer 7 years ago in General updated by Ara Adkins 7 years ago 5

Have I missed it, or is there no way to edit files on iCloud Drive (except in the Textastic folder)? so much on Macs is now stored/mirrored in iCloud it would be very helpful to edit them in place. 

If you use the `open` function you can select a file anywhere in iCloud Drive to edit in place. You can either open individual files or whole folders. 

aha! Thanks!

It took me a moment to understand your response - until I realized that I was supposed to open the document from the Files.app rather than from Textastic - where I had been looking for it. Works like a charm. 

Thanks again. 

I actually did mean from within Textastic. On the main screen you should see 'Local Files', 'iCloud' and then 'Open...'. The latter opens the global document picker which should show all document provider locations on your device, including iCloud drive.

Now I see. I was assuming that I should be trying to open by clicking “iCloud“ - which opens only the Textastic folder. “Open...” then “Browse” is the high road, for sure. 

Thanks again!

It’s a pleasure to use an app that works exactly the way I expect, even if it took me a while to see it. 

Glad to help! iCloud is legacy from when apps could store files in iCloud but there was no general purpose file manager on iOS.