Ability to edit any file extensions from Files app in iOS11

Walid 7 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 6

a lot of file extensions are not associated or having the option to open them with textastic app using Files/iCloud/OneDrive/etc..

Please add the ability to edit any text based file extension from there. 



you are right - at the moment, many files cannot be opened because the file extension is not known to the system. I plan to allow the user to open any file using the "Open…" command in a future update.

I would greatly benefit from this as well!

I currently would love to do some quick edits on .tpl files via the “Open...” dialog and Working Copy for git, but can’t :(

Instead of opening files, you can open full repositories from Working Copy in Textastic. 

On iOS 11 and iPad, you can use Drag & Drop to open a directory from Working Copy in Textastic. Please have a look at this video on how to do this: 


On iPhone, you can use the "Open…" command to open a folder from Working Copy: 

- In Textastic, tap "Open…" 
- navigate to Working Copy 
- tap the "Select" button 
- select one or more folders 
- tap "Open"

I’ve not seen that Copy app shown on the video. Where would I find it?

Forget my last. Just realised it was Working Copy

I probably had the beta version of Working Copy installed when I made the video which uses a shortened app name.