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Textastic ‘looses’ repositories from Working Copy

thomas vogelpohl 7 years ago updated by Anders Borum 7 years ago 4

Hi, I am using an iPad Air 1 with iOS 11. I can drag and drop a repo from Working Copy to Textastic and work with the code. Then after a while, I get a ‘Spinning disk’ and suddenly the file I am working on is gone and Textastic can not open any Repo any more. In the file chooser on the left side is not written Working Copy any more but something like ‘External storage provider’ or something like that.

I have no idea if this is caused by WC or Textastic.

I have seen this happening in one of the iOs Beta versions ... but it was fixed by a newer Beta.



Under review

I have not seen such a problem on my devices. Can you please try if a reboot of your device fixes it?

Yes, I have closed Textastic, Working Copy and rebooted the device one after the other. The problem still happens.

I also tried to keep open WC while editing in Textastic, but that does not help either.

Does anybody know what this 'External storage provider' msg means  ?

What else could I try, apart of hoping for a magic fix by Apple ?



By default, an app does not know anything about externally opened files except its URL. To fix that, Anders Borum and I have developed a way to share information about the source application. See https://github.com/palmin/x-document-source for details.

"External Storage Provider" is displayed as a generic term when Textastic cannot read this information and doesn't know that the source app was Working Copy.

So it seems that Textastic cannot access the external URL at all. I'll ask Anders Borum if he has an idea.

Hi Thomas

This looks like it has more to do with Working Copy than Textastic. Can you email me at anders <AT> workingcopyapp.com to let me help troubleshoot this?

Best regards,