Auto close brackets, quotes, parentheses, ...

Seizethekarp 3 years ago updated by D K 5 months ago 7

maybe there already is this feature but I think it would be fantastic to have the editor close different character pairings automatically like most of the popular text editors


I already have this feature in the Mac version of Textastic and plan to also add it to the iOS version.


Alexander, really if you already have the feature on Mac, it would be very important to add that feature. It really makes a difference when writing code. Could you please add it this year?


Any news on this being implemented? I downloaded the app yesterday and that’s the main thing that’s missing for me.  


Alex, would be ideal after two years of counting in the desktop version with the automatic closure of brackets, also have it in IOS, please the application is very close to being perfect. Thank you.


This app is really super great, BUT! Auto completion would make this so much better.


Any movement on this? I thought I was crazy when I couldn't get brackets to auto-close on a css file, lol. What's the plan Alexander? Major quality of life issue here...  Loving the rest of the app so far. ^_^ Please update so we at least know if it's in the works. Thx!


I just can’t believe that such a basic function still does not work in this application. Everything else is great, but for some reason auto closing brackets is not in the iOS version