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Textastic on iOS11 does not allow to open files from WorkingCopy

thomas vogelpohl 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Hi, before iOS11 Beta, I used to open WorkingCopy repos with the "Open ..." Menu.

On iOS11 the Open  menu now opens the new Apple App "Files". In Files you can pick WorkingCopy again, but the PopUp with the WorkingCopy repos does not contain a Pick button, so I can not open the repo in Textastic. Same procedure works in GoCoEdit.

Under review

Yes, this does not work at the moment. We are working on a solution for iOS 11.

Ok, thanks. Good to know


Hi, I have just installed yesterdays iOS11 Beta 4 and suddenly the 'Pick' button appears, so I can add repos from WorkingCopy. 

Somehow Textastic can not find previous WorkingCopy projects and it says Could not open External Folder'. 

But I can choose 'Remove Folder' in the dialog and then re-add the project from WorkingCopy.

So for now, this problem is gone.