navigation stack so after a search or other jump i can jump back to original locations via stack

anonymous 7 years ago 0

say i am looking at file.c:49 and i search for symbol x in the file and jump sroumd to random occurrences, I would like the ability to jump back through each jump. Lets say occurences i view in order are file.c:10 then file.c:200.

The featre request would be a button or shortcut (maybe cmd + [, ]) that would take me through the stack in the following way:

from current position: file.c:200

hit back, end up at: file.c:10

hit back, end up at: file.c:49

hit back, stack empty, noop

this would extend to multiple searches and across files. you have to handle files edited between traverals of history, but just document the behavior.