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Restore Files and windows when re-opening is not working on macbook pro

robson gilli 7 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 7

This option is not working on my macbook pro macOS Sierra

Image 213

Everytime I open Textastic this window is shown.

Image 214

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Hmm, weird. 

What happens when you go to System Preferences -> General and uncheck the checkbox called "Close windows when quitting an app"?

You can also try to delete the folder that contains the saved application state:

  • Close Textastic
  • Delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.textasticapp.textastic-mac/Data/Library/Saved Application State

The same behavior as well

TextEdit uses the same mechanism to restore windows if the checkbox is unchecked in System Preferences.

Does TextEdit correctly restore windows?

Does a reboot help?

I see. Actually TextEdit is doing the same thing, always asking to open a new file whenever a open it.

Ok, so it seems to be a system-wide problem on your Mac. Maybe you could have a look at the Console app to see if anything suspicious is in the logs.

Other than trying a reboot, I do not really have an idea what might be causing this, sorry.

The same behavior