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iCloud Sync seems slower since v6

Christian Listl 8 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 1


I used v5 on iPad for a long time and I remember a very responsive start of Textastic even having a lot of files on iCloud. V6 however takes several seconds on a lot (not all) starts of the app showing a wating cursor and then popping up with iCloud folder on left hand side.

Is this expected and tolerated design? Is it possible to speed things up like it was in former version?

If it's not possible to speed up, I'd like to see the former version of Textastic to be downloadable from app store side by side with the new one. You may increase the price for the old one to a ridiculous price (999 Euros) to prevent new user to buy it.

Looking forward to your answer

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after the app starts, Textastic requests access to the iCloud folder in a background thread. Textastic shows an activity indicator until the operating system responds.

So this means that iOS on your device seems to take longer on the current version than it did in earlier versions. Textastic literally does nothing while the activity indicator is spinning and just waits for the operating system to return the iCloud folder so it can be accessed.

I haven't changed this in version 6, so I'm pretty sure you would see the same behavior in Textastic 5.3.1.

Does a reboot of your iPad help in any way?

You can still download and install Textastic 5.3.1 from the Purchased tab on the App Store. See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201272 for details.