I cant count how many times I couldnt delete selected text

Ladislav Nevery 11 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 10

Using whole screen real estate and thanks to that only few scrolls I select text I wanna move/delete just to find out that there is no way to do it.

Selecting and deleting/moving text is basic operation we use milion times a day.

I found out that only way to do it is by ugly unintuitive hack.

So I need to doubletap to deselect this tediously selected text to show keyboard on half a screen for having cut command finally in selection menu. 

But keyboard (that is absolutely not needed for select and cut) 

will reduce already miniscule sceen to half. that is jus few lines of text being visible now. reducing previously simple and intuitive selection operation to absolute scrolling hell with milion taps needed to reach bottom of text. 

And one bad tap timing will instead of scroll deselect hard obtained selection and you can start again.

deleting/cut text operation is essential for text editor.

When this operation is missing in text selection menu than its bug and serious usability hindrance.

Please fix it. I belive tousands will be eternaly gratefull and a lot of productivity time will not be wasted.

Thank you.

Ladislav Nevery



The next version of Textastic will allow cut and paste even when the keyboard is not up.

When the keyboard is not up, the editor is in read-only mode so you only get options that don't change the text. Tap on the editor to bring up the keyboard, then select text. Now you should get "Cut" and "Paste" options. This is the same behavior as in Apple's Notes app.

I'll consider changing this behavior in an update as it seems to be confusing.

Thx for this feedback. You really care about your users :) As I said i will be eternaly gratefull for having at least cut option there without keyboard.

I often move my most currently most edited functions to top of the file so I dont need scroll around or scroll in functions list. And when moving text larger page the screen real estate used  for  selections is important.

Now what would be great if we can move functions code by tap and hold and move in functions list :) But I dont wanna be greedy here adding cut to selection optins will do for me.

On last thought. I just cant wait for additional keybord line with shortcuts that you plan for v 4.

now I often code in pythonista. What I love about its editor is how it handles precise cursor placement by just simple finger on its keyboard shortcuts bar.

Why is this great? well I have quite large fingers and with standard ios mag. glass i often dont see where the cursor really is. 

Also often I need to tap 5 or more times to put the cursor where i want it.

Closing brackets without space before them are simply hard to place cursor there. placing cursor on end of the line works always thou. so i often rather spend one tap on end delete 2-3 char to get cursor where i intended change the code and write deleted chars again. this is simply faster than 5 or so hopeless attempts to place cursor somewhere in word without spaces.

Now the cursor swipe in pythonista solves all of this. plus..

That allowed me simple and fast cursor placement even when traveling by train or bus. 

Well I didnt tried on horse yet .... :D Could be ultimate mobile coding test I guess.

Thx for your reply and decision to help us :)

I really appreciate it.

Are you aware of the cursor navigation wheel? http://www.textasticapp.com/v4/manual/lessons/How_can_I_bring_up_the_cursor_navigation_wheel.html

The iPad version also supports the gestures of the iPhone version: http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone/manual/lessons/How_can_I_move_the_cursor_using_swipe_gestures.html

You can also move to the beginning and end of the current line using the first button in the additional row of keys above the standard keyboard:


The true beauty of swiping the keyboard bar in pythonysta lies in fact that as you continue moving finger cursor continues moving replicating its speed and direction. the faster you swipe the faster and farther it moves cursor. So you can be pretty mobile within the line. 

no need to remember multiple finger shortcut combos (tap double finger tab) which i always forget for special gui often covering text you wanna edit. 

but the main reason i dont use it is that those tap combos plus cursor mowement eats more time than letting cursor fall somewhere near and just backspace to position do change and write deleted back.. 

with gui / gesture you need to swipe or tap 10 times to move 10 chars in case you change your mind while within the line or do multiple edits there. now compare that to ability to precisely point anywhere within line in half a second or less. 

But thats just my subjective view and maybe I am completely wrong ;)

If you can check pythonista code editor on some ipad near you seriously check it out. 

You need to see for youself to feel the difference.

You beat him in many other features but cursor is pretty clever there.

I can't implement this the same way that Pythonista does it in Textastic since Textastic has swipeable keys. The swipe gesture of the buttons wouldn't work together with another swipe gesture over the whole bar.

I already implemented and tested alternative solutions (like swiping over the entire keyboard) but removed them from the app because in practice it didn't work out. For example, it caused problems with German umlauts.

The only way would be to add a dedicated cursor movement key in the middle of the bar like Code does. But that would mean I would have to remove one of the exisiting keys. I don't want to do that.

What about swiping on the text itself .

when not vertical scrollbar (zoomed in) 

which is most of the time at least in my case.

swiping left and right on text does nothing. So maybe Ideal case for cursor movement 

What you think ?

Swiping left and right on the text currently moves the cursor, but just one character/word at a time: http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone/manual/lessons/How_can_I_move_the_cursor_using_swipe_gestures.html

But changing that behavior could work.

That would be fantastic ;) When most of the code is written.

Most of the time is then mostly spend on 

placing cursor here and there and change number here or there fast. 

Followed by manual insert of firebug script to see any error during page load where most of the code runs. Hit preview ( which is fantastic ;) thx for it )  and repeat the whole thing. 

So majority of the project time I spend on cursor movement and tweaking than on coding. So this fast cursor would definitely save a lot of time.

But as I said I dont wanna be greedy here. 

And I would be eternally graefull just for cut command in selection menu since I know how it feels when everyone wants everything and I completely understand you ;)

Thx for listening.

And thank you for fantastic support . To tell you the truth I never experienced such devoted developer listening to feedback.

Kudos for that too ;)

Well, it's great to have such detailed feedback as yours. It's always good to know how other people are using the software. Thanks for that!

"by just simple finger" = "finger swipe over the whole bar(moves cursor in char increments left or right)


The next version of Textastic will allow cut and paste even when the keyboard is not up.