Scroll with keyboard opened

Vitaly Ishkulov 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 3
When the keyboard is on screen you can scroll the document even if there are less code lines than full screen (so that there's no reason for scroll).

To reproduce:
1) Create new document (like with HTML 5 template).
2) Tap somewhere to open keyboard.
3) You can scroll now.
The file always is at least as high as one page in portrait orientation. I don't consider it a bug, maybe a little annoying if you do not expect that.

There was a reason why I did that, but I honestly can't remember at the moment what exactly it was, sorry.
Well, okay. But still maybe in the future updates? 
If there's no reason for scroll at the moment, it shouldn't be there.
The interface feels more solid when such details are carried of.