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Raj347 11 years ago in General updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 3


I use Textastic on Mac, iPad and iPhone. iCloud integration is great, but I've noticed that autosave Mac saves to iCloud as default. How do I create and edit a file without bringing iCloud at all into auto save or the main save. As far as I can see I need to sort a new document and save immediately to the local drive. Once this is done mac does not use iCloud at all. Is this right?

Is this the same procedure for iPad and iPhone too?

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If iCloud is enabled in your Mac's settings, it will be used to store new, untitled, unsaved files. This is the default system behavior. As soon as you save a file to a location outside of iCloud, iCloud won't be used anymore for this file. 

The iOS versions don't support iCloud yet, but the behavior will be different there when I add support for iCloud in the next release: If you add a new file in Textastic on iOS, you choose the location before the file is created.

So just to confirm, on Mac, if iCloud is on and I save a file to the local drive (not on iCloud), then all is saved to the Mac including auto saves? (so if I make a new file and save to mac as "example.txt" then iCloud is removed completely as the save location, and iCloud is removed as a save location for auto saving the file too?). I'm really interested here to see if iCloud is used in this scenario for auto save.

Yes, that's how it should behave.