Apache support

Shingetsu 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 4
Can you guys add pear support (mainly .htaccess) please? Apache is a very important part in security measure and it doesn't work :(((.
What exactly is not working for you?
If the problem is that you cannot access hidden files on an FTP server (like .htaccess): there will be an option for that in the next update.
I can't create a .htaccess (at all lol) and talking about FTP, I can't find the icon. Last one to the left is the + 0.0
Sounds like you're not using Textastic 2.0 yet. This version requires iOS 4 though.

So your problems should be fixed when you update to Textastic 2.0: there it's possible to create files that start with a dot (like ".htaccess").