question mark in filename

Jon Diercks 12 years ago updated by Jon Diercks 12 years ago 3
I have a website that was scraped from a CMS using wget into static files. As a result, almost all of the filenames contain questions marks (e.g. w_page.php?id=123.html). I know, bad form, but it's transitional and I need to leave it this way for now. Texttastic can upload/download these files and edit them, but the preview function does not work because the filename gets truncated at the question mark. Any way to fix this?

P.S. The WYSIWYG editor in the feedback form that I am using to enter this does not work well on iPad ... had to switch to HTML source view.
You are right, this currently doesn't work. I don't have a workaround, sorry. I'll see if I can fix it in an update.
I see this is fixed now, thanks much!! Thanks also for the new option to disable indent-wrap. Sometimes it's nice to have, but good to be able to turn it off!
Thanks Alexaander, I can sort of work around it by copying and pasting into a "temp.html" local file for editing/previewing, then copy/paste back into the original file before uploading back to the host. Kludgey, but better than nothing. Textastic is still far and away the best coder's editor I've found for iPad. The font sizing and pinch-zooming are great (I have severely impaired eyesight, so I use those features all the time) and the SFTP integration makes website updates fast and easy.

Let me know if you want me to beta test a fix for the question mark filenames.