Please add ExpressionEngine syntax

Craig Allen 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 3
Could you please add ExpressionEngine syntax. There is a tm bundle at https://bitbucket.org/jeremybise/expressionengine-2-bundle/downloads 
I attempted to use your instructions for adding it myself as a custom syntax, but am baffled by the step where you copy in the folder with the definitions. Copy it from where?
You need to get the files into Textastic first. There are several ways how you can do this:
  • Download it on your computer and copy it to your Dropbox or an FTP server and download it using Textastic
  • You could also send it as an email attachment to yourself and use "Open In..." in Mail
  • Probably the easiest way: in Safari on the iPad, replace "http://" in the download url with "textastic://" and it will download the zip file in Textastic. So for the bundle you mentioned, use this url: textastic://bitbucket.org/jeremybise/expressionengine-2-bundle/downloads/expressionengine-2-bundle-tip.zip

When you have the zip file in Textastic, and unzip the folder by tapping on it and move it into the #Textastic folder as shown in the manual.

Thanks Alexander. I tried the last two methods but they failed. I then unzipped and rezipped the files. The third method still failed. With the email method I got an error about unrecognised encoding. I can open the files with notepad. I'll open them all and resave them before recompressing. Perhaps this will help. Tomorrow though, its way late here in Australia.
I just tried it myself successfully using the third method. Please tap "No" when the message about the file being binary is displayed.

After that, just tap on the zip file and it will be extracted. This only works in Textastic 4.1 though - make sure that you are using the latest version.

Navigate into the newly created folder and move the folder "ExpressionEngine 2.0.tmbundle" into the "#Textastic" folder. (see http://www.textasticapp.com/v4/manual/lessons/How_can_I_move__copy_and_rename_files_and_folders.html on how to do that)

Then restart the app.