External monitor / VGA out

Alexander Blach (Developer) 14 years ago updated 13 years ago 6
Support for the Apple iPad Dock-Connector-to-VGA-Adapter.

Use case: show source code to others in a presentation.
Just received my Dock Connector-to-VGA adapter. Let's see if I can mirror the editor on an external display (beamer).
I'd love to see this one implemented. :)
the iPad 2 mirrors the whole screen to the external display on its own.
Yes, that's why I didn't add direct support in Textastic.
Hmm is the vga output only capable to mirror the app content or do you able to show any content you want on the external screen ?

E.g. you could enhance the work space of textastic with an external display. Maybe to show a second file on external display or whatever.. or the html output.

Yes, this would be possible. I can show arbitrary content on an attached screen.

But, the use case mentioned in this idea "show source code to others in a presentation" works great with mirrored output.