is there a way to hide the line, column UI element in the corner of the text editor?

Kyle Sherman 12 years ago updated by Daniel Pyle 12 years ago 5
I'm finding the small line, column view in the top right corner of the screen to cover the text I'm working with, and I don't need it. Is there a way to hide it?
Currently there is no setting to hide this.
Ok. If you could add that, it would be great. I find it somewhat important when you are working at the top line of a file. Then you can't see the end of the line unless you insert a newline.
I, too, would appreciate having a way to hide the line/column display!
I would really, really like to be able to hide the box too! It is definitely in the way. It's been some months since others made this request ... it this change in the realm of possibility, or are we hoping in vain?

This is a feature I'd also love to see. Hiding that box and the menu bar to get a true fullscreen experience would make this app perfect for me!