File permissions

Vicente Silvestre 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 2
I saw a comment from a year ago with planned support for UNIX file permissions.  Anywhere in sight yet?  I don't even need to change the permissions, but when I sync a folder with Bash o Python scripts which are executable in the Mac and edit them in Textastic they loose their executable bit, which is not nice, specially since some of them need to run from a cron job... It would be nice if you preserved whatever file permissions where there to begin with.
The problem is that the iOS file system doesn't have file permissions like a Mac. On iOS every app has its own sandbox environment and there is no executable bit, as you can't execute arbitrary files. There is also no shell environment.

Adding chmod functionality for FTP connections is still on my todo list.
Sounds good, I understand you cannot implement all features at once.  But, please, consider adding the chmod functionality to DropBox too.
When I change permissions or edit a file in one Mac the file permissions are correctly propagated via DropBox to the other Macs.  It would be very nice if Textastic would also store internally the original file permissions (no need to show those in iOS) and restored them when reuploading the files to their original sources via DropBox.
in spite of not having a shell environment in iOS, it would be very useful to be able to maintain and edit a remote shell environment.  I.e., I can edit all my cron jobs on multiple computers with Textastic right now, except that they cease to be executable.
As a workaround, I have to schedule a job (that I never edit with Textastic) to set the executable bit on all the remaining shell scripts (that I do edit with Textastic) every number of minutes :-)