Code completion for different languages

Chris Howard 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 6
Hi Alexander - any chance of adding code completion for different languages. I use HADOOP at work and would like to be able to add PIG, HIVE, JAQL support. I can create the schema templates if there was a way to add them.
You can already create custom code completion files and use them in Textastic.

Yesterday I published the current code completion files as a GitHub repository: https://github.com/blach/Textastic-Customization

The file format isn't documented yet, but it should be easy to understand from the examples. They are simple JSON files.

I'll happily accept pull requests if you are other users create code completion files for their favorite languages.
Perfect, sounds cool. Is there a list where you can "sign up for", so there won't be 2 people working on the same language?
I don't know if you have used GitHub before, but you can fork the project on GitHub and work on your own copy. You can also view all forks and see what other users work on. If you have modified an existing file or created a new one that you think is ready, you can send me a pull request so that I can add it to the main repository.

I'm also relatively new to GitHub, but maybe we could use GitHub "Issues" manage that.
The code completion files look like this: (this one is for html)

If you want you could create a file for your laguage, and send it to him afterwards. I'm sure if it's working he might add it to an update, so from then everyone is able to use it. I'm planning on doing the same for objc and C++.
Please use the GitHub repo I mentioned above.
Sorry, I guess we were typijg at the same time :)