A way to sync with the server to download only the changed files not the whole project

hassan habbak 12 years ago updated by Marc 7 years ago 4
I would like a way to sync with servers and have it automatically update files and download files that have been changed. It is crucial for collaboration and even testing on the iPad.
not just like - I canot use textastic without it. I'll have to drop back to turbosh for sync even though its editor is primitive.

Until the GIT is supported syncing with the server would be ideal.  I love the editor but just can't seem to make this work with any flow unless i manually keep track of every file that has been updated on the server. 

Alexander, first of all.  Great app.  Any chance you can look into this rsync product for IOS and/or see if this is something that could work together.  http://www.acrosync.com/ios.html  Maybe some type of addon for your product or an increased cost with type of profit sharing with them.  

It seems like if i can sync directories with my server this product would end up being a whole lot more useful for me and hopefully others.   And yes a sync button would be amazing =)


I'd very much like this feature implemented over WebDAV.