Text encoding options

Denis Kiselev 13 years ago updated by Freemen Muaddib 8 months ago 1
In my case I have some source code files with comments in local language (Russian, win 1251 cp). Need changeable option to set encoding for current open file, and option to set default encoding.

I agree.

Two suggestions:

- If an non standard UTF-8 encoding is detected when opening a file, Textastic should show the detected encoding (for example chinese (GB18030) and ask if the user wants to use a different encoding to decode the text, (clarify that internally Textastic works in UTF-8 ) or if the user wants to preserve the original encoding when loading or saving this file (always converting internally to and from UTF-8). Textastic should be able to detect and display the characters of any encoding (this does not happens now.. chinese encoded in GB18030 is shown as garbage).

- If you switch the encoding from the Document Properties the app should ask if we want to encode the current visible document in the selected encoding (so that it will be saved as it is shown but in the new encoding), or if we want to reload the original file using the selected encoding (with a warning that doing that will discard any unsaved changes to the file).