Mount remote directory over ssh

Okev 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 1
Would be useful for development where you need to use a remote server.
Instead of checking files in/out over SFTP, I'd like to suggest mounting a remote folder locally.
What this means is that I can access any random file within the directory and when the file is saved, it's automatically pushed to the remote server without any other operations

This means that
- I can run it from my own flavour of web server - PHP, etc
- I can use GIT or SVN

Bonus points for allowing any web page open in the web preview window and an SSH shell :)

This may go against the philosophy of "Build everything into the one app", so I'd like to point that out upfront. I still think that the remote workflow support would be extremely useful.
example of "remote mount" on mac are Macfusion and Expandrive