Open local files in Safari

Zsolt Stelkovics 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 6
Is there any option to open the local files in built in Safari browser, or Opera app, to see the result?
Just use the code/preview button in Textastic to preview local html files right within the app.

To open the file in Safari, you would have to upload it to a webserver and enter the URL in Safari. Safari can't access local files that are located in other apps.
I just worry about the differences between how browsers shows the code, and I'm wondering  if I can open local files in other browsers. I have a WiFi iPad modell, and it would be usefull, if I can wiev local files in other browsers on the go, but anyway, I see and thank you.

(Sorry for my bad english)
That's only possible if you upload it to a remote server.

But the rendering in Textastic should be the same as in Safari as it uses UIWebView which is essentially the same WebKit engine. Though here might be differences between accessing local and remote files due to things like cross-site-restrictions.
Ok thank you, by the way, a short question: I see, there are some post about the multiple selected line tabs. Are you planing to integrate this to the update in the near future?
It would be great, thanks!